The top 5 questions I get asked at markets

Markets are my favourite places to meet customers. Its always so nice chat to people in real life even if its not jewellery related!

Cicee market stall Leeds

Over the years I’ve been asked lots of questions so I thought I’d put together a list of the questions that I’m asked frequently, and here they are:

1. Do you make these?
Yes, I do! Everything that leaves my workshop has been made by me. I’m self taught and started out making jewellery back when I was on Mat Leave with my second child. Until recently I was making jewellery in my evenings and weekends while I did my day job as a Graphic Designer. But as of September I quit my day job to go freelance so I can dedicate more time building Cicee.

2. What are the rings made of?
My rings are made in either recycled sterling silver or recycled 9ct gold. I started off making my designs in silver but after chatting to customers at market there seemed to be a growing interest in gold. So I made a few of my best sellers in gold to see how I got on. The exciting part about working with gold is that legally you have to get anything that weighs over 1g in gold hallmarked. So now all of my heavier pieces (although 1g is not heavy at all) have to have a little trip to London to be hallmarked. I can make any design in gold so even if I haven’t done it yet I’d be happy to make any piece for you in gold.

Cicee eclipse ring hallmark gold 9ct

3. Are you online?
Yes - and if you are reading this then you’ve found me! I started my online shop during the Covid pandemic in 2020. With online markets replacing In Real Life markets it was a must for all small independent businesses to survive. My website will always be a work in progress and I have a list as long as my arm that I need to do to improve it but it’s getting there.

4. What length chain are the necklaces?
I originally made all my necklaces on a 16inch chain but this doesn’t suit everyone so again I took on board feedback from my markets and I know carry with me chain lengths of 16, 18, 20 and 24 inches. I’m also looking into different chain styles, some more durable than others, to give you a better choice. I’m still updating my website with the chain length options so please message me if you want to switch out the chain in the description.

Cicee initials chain lengths

5. Do you have any more ring sizes with you?
Most of the rings that I have with me a markets are out on display. Occasionally I have a few more stowed away but not many. I’m currently working on my Christmas stock where I’m planning on carrying a lot more size/style option but please bare with me as this take time to do. However if you order a ring from a market in a specific size I can usually make it within a week and post it out to you. All ring orders paid for at markets include free delivery.

Cicee market stall ring trays

And thats the top 5 questions I get asked at markets! I hope that’s useful to you all and if there is anything that you’d like to ask me please feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading
Catherine x

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