Are you looking for bespoke jewellery for your wedding day? The perfect bridesmaid gifts? Or handmade wedding bands? 

As part of my wedding offering I can create all these pieces for you.

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Cicee wedding band collection


Bespoke design 
I offer a bespoke design service where I will work with you to create the most perfect piece to complete your wedding look. This could be replicating a detail of your wedding dress in your necklace or adding stones with a specific meaning incorporated into your earrings. 

I'll work with you to create a series of designs which will be sent to you in a personalised presentation. We can then discuss and tweak until we have the perfect piece for you.

If this is something you'd like the drop me an email at to chat in more detail.


Wedding bands
All my wedding bands are made with recycled material, whether that be gold or silver. I offer a wide range of width, shapes and finishes. Head over to my wedding collection page here to view what's available.

If you have something in mind but don't see it online feel free to drop me a line at to chat through what it is you're after.

Cicee slim wedding bands gold and silver


Bridesmaid gifts
The majority of my main collection would be suitable for bridesmaid gifts, however if you would like an item tweaked or personalised this is something that I can offer. If you like my beaded bracelets I can order in a specific colour to match your wedding theme. 

Cicee bead bracelets